Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Update on John, Post-Surgery ....

As most of you are aware, John had a UPPP procedure done last Thursday (10.08.09). I'm not sure what it actually stands for, but basically it was a procedure to help correct severe sleep apnea. His operation only took about an hour to complete, and he only needed to spend one night in the hospital. He was discharged with a prescription of liquid pain medication and liquid antibiotics. He's taking his medicine religiously and doing everything in his power to get better, fast, however he's not healing as fast as we had thought he would. The pain has actually gotten worse and the back of his throat has now scabbed over making it even harder to swallow and talk. I called his doctor today to see if they could prescribe a stronger pain medication, which they did. I was also informed that he is able to eat whatever he wants now (something we didn't know), with the exception of anything 'scratchy' (i.e., chips, crackers, etc.). The doctor did tell us it will take up to three weeks for him to heal completely, and that this procedure is a very painful one to recover from, but it's very effective! I've already noticed a difference in his sleeping! He used to not be able to sleep on his back because he'd stop breathing so many times throughout the night, but now sleeping on his back is what seems to be most comfortable! AND ... I haven't had to say "breathe" in the middle of the night at all in the past week! Woo hoo! Anywho, it's a slow process, but he's getting there!

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