Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dyed Deviled Eggs

I found this on Pinterest a while back and just saved it figuring I'd try it this year for Easter.  I ALMOST didn't, but last minute read through the blog post and once I found it was super easy to do, I decided to do our deviled eggs that way this year for our Easter dinner.  They were a huge hit!  My husband, however, wanted a whole tray of plain white eggs ... he claimed it was "weird" to eat dyed deviled eggs.  Whatever ... I think they actually tasted BETTER than the regular ones. :)

Anyway, the original post can be seen here.  I'm not going to write down all the directions on boiling the eggs, etc, but I will say that if you want PERFECT boiled eggs that are easy to peel, don't rip apart and the yolks are a pretty yellow color, you should definitely give the original post a quick scan. Now on to the fun part ... dying the eggs.

After you've boiled, cooled, peeled, cut and de-yolked (is that a word?) the eggs you want to put the outer parts of the eggs in cups with water, a few teaspoons of vinegar and whatever food color you want.  It's basically the same thing as dying Easter eggs. Leave them in the cups until you get the shade you want (NOTE: the color will darken some after you take them out of the water, so just keep that in mind).  Let them drain for a few minutes on a paper towel.

   photo DeviledEggs2_wm_zps32edd6c6.jpg  photo DeviledEggs3_wm_zps9fecc45e.jpg

Then once they're done draining just make your filling however you would .. I did mine with 1/2 C of mayo and a little bit of brown mustard.  Fill them all up with the yolk filling and voila!  ENJOY!

 photo DeviledEggs1_wm_zps57b11f14.jpg

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