Friday, August 10, 2012

This is it ...

Our last weekend in the only home John and I have ever really had in the six years we've been married.  And, definitely the only home our children have ever known.  We moved in here when I was about seven weeks pregnant with Jacob.  I can remember that because moving day just so happened to be the first day my morning sickness showed up.  :)  We celebrated five wedding anniversaries here and countless birthdays.  Both of our children learned to walk right here in our living room.  They both learned to go up and down steps here.  Jacob learned to count to ten by walking up and down the stairs outside our condo (we live on the 3rd and 4th floor of the building) and counting the steps as we went.  It's safe to say we've made our fair share of memories here.

I can't believe this time is finally coming.  For some many months (actually a couple of years) I've been saying we need to move, to find some place bigger for our growing family, and now we have.  I can't wait to make new memories in our new townhouse.  To watch our children run around and play in the backyard.  To have friends over because we actually have the room (I love to entertain!).  To have family come stay with us because we finally have the room for extra bodies in the house.  And, to make this house a home.  :)

A little update on what we've been doing IN the new place .... Jacob's room was the first that I really wanted to get painted.  One wall was a really dark navy blue and there was boat border all around the room.  We took it down and started painting today.  It was supposed to be a light yellow, but seems to be a bit brighter than I what I had wanted.  I hope and pray it looks food with his bedding and fire truck decorations.  I think the yellow will help the fire trucks POP, or at least I hope it does.  Henry's room will be the next to get a makeover.  We were going to leave his room alone for now because it's in decent shape, but because we have to buy more paint to finish Jacob's room and I don't want to waste it, we're going to do Henry's room in the same color.  I *think* it'll look okay with his bedding, or at least I hope it does.  *fingers crossed* Tomorrow we'll go back and do the second coat of paint in Jacob's room, and then tape Henry's and get started on it.  I think Henry's is only going to take one coat as all his walls are an off white color right now.  We've decided to wait on the rest of the house and just do a room every few weeks/months until we get the whole house done.  I'm excited to finally be able to paint and decorate a HOUSE the way *I* want!

Stay tuned for before and after pictures to come in the near future.

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