Thursday, June 13, 2013

March Digi Scrapping & Therapy?

After losing my sister back in October I've been trying to keep myself super busy.  The kids keep me plenty busy, but I've been looking for new hobbies (which is why I've been away from my blog for some long) in which to throw myself.  My photography hobby (hopefully turned business soon) is one of them.  It has kept me SUPER busy, and therefore I don't think about missing Ashlee as much.  I should add that I still miss her terribly and think about her every single day, I just don't think about how much I miss her as often since I'm so busy.  Make sense? lol  Anyway, digital scrapbooking has been my other hobby I've recently taken up and it has kind of consumed all my free time (which isn't much).

As I mentioned above, I've FINALLY learned how to use the Photoshop program I've had installed on my computer for the past THREE years.  How sad is that, that it took me that long to figure it out?? Well, thanks to quite a few You Tube videos, I finally saw what my friend, Erin, had been talking about ... "layers, layers, layers".  And, again, thanks to Erin, I joined an amazing digital scrapbooking forum called Scrap Takeout where I've been learning things here and there, and getting some amazing inspiration from other creative minds!

Here is what I was up to in March (when I learned how to scrap) ... you will notice as I start posting more and more layouts here that they are improving, but ya know ... Rome wasn't built in a day people.  :)

 photo AubreeLeigh_wm_zps2a6bb8a2.jpg  photo babyboys_wm_zpsbc62a884.jpg  photo beyourself_wm_zpsf76c9474.jpg  photo Brothers1_wm_zpsb25db4a4.jpg  photo Easter1copy_wm_zps6364f529.jpg  photo firstsignsofspring_wm_zpsee1645a8.jpg  photo GrandIllumination_wm_zps1e61b369.jpg  photo Henrys1stYear_wm_zps07a5ba5f.jpg  photo Henry-Spring1_wm_zps84f4b031.jpg  photo Kitty1_wm_zpsaaf437f5.jpg  photo SpringMini_wm_zpsde118217.jpg  photo Spring1_wm_zps9a2f6777.jpg  photo Stpattysday_wm_zps0799e709.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2013-1_wm_zpsff21814d.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2013-2_wm_zpsbf5c3492.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2013-3_wm_zps0b883de8.jpg  photo Williamsburg-1_wm_zps8352269f.jpg

Thanks for looking!  I'll be posting April's layouts soon! :)

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