Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Can't believe my baby started Kindergarten last year!! He's half way through his first year of elementary school - CRAZY!!

September 3, 2013 ... that's the day my baby, my firstborn began his academic journey.  He did so good too!  I was really nervous about the whole idea of putting him on a school bus (with no seatbelts whatsoever) and sending him off to this big, brand new school, but he handled it so great.  The two years prior to this he went to Preschool and had horrible meltdowns resulting in him being dragged out of the car in the carpool line on his first day.  So, as you can see ... I had reason to be nervous and anxious.  But, like I said .. he handled it like a pro.

We were up early that day to make sure we had everything ready to go and to take some "before school" pictures.  Jacob did everything I asked of him in regards to the photos and he even posed with his baby brother.  I think Henry had a harder time that first day than Jacob did!


Gee and Pap came over that day to see Jacob off to school, too, and John stayed home from work.  Everyone wanted to be a part of Bubba's first day of "big guy" school!  After Gee and Pap got there it was time to head on over to the bus stop.  I'll admit that I cried a few tears when he got on the bus, but he never noticed and he didn't even bat a lash.  He turned and gave Daddy and Pap the thumbs up (I didn't get that pic, darnit!) and then got on the bus like such a big boy!

It's crazy how fast they grow up.  I wish I could just bottle them up and keep them tiny forever!
Jacob Phillip Zuzik
1st Day of Kindergarten
September 3, 2013
Age: 5

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