Monday, August 11, 2014

Jacob's First Soccer Season!

This past Winter we FINALLY got Jacob all signed up for his first Soccer season.  We kept missing the deadline to enroll him, so he missed it two seasons in a row.  :(  But we checked it early, got it on our calendar and were finally able to get him signed up to play.  Thank goodness we did because he LOVED it and has proven to be quite the little athlete!

His first practice was right at the beginning of April and it was really chilly!  His practice was held at the Community Center, so we were able to just walk from our house to practice.

That following Saturday Jacob had his first game!  All his games were on Saturdays and at the Community Center.  The league he played in went for 6-8 weeks ending in mid-June.

John originally wasn't going to coach Jacob's soccer team, but after the first practice, Jacob's coach reached out to John asking him to help for just one game.  Well ... he ended up being an assistant coach the entire season, and loved it so much that he signed up again to coach his own team in the Fall.

At the end of the season, Jacob's team had a little luncheon and awards ceremony after their last game.  And, Jacob got the coolest trophy!  

He had so much fun and it was a great first-sport experience for him and for us.  We're so excited for the next season!

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