Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafty Monday: Snowman Milk Jugs!

One of my goals for 2013 was to do more crafts with the kids this year.  I decided to dub Mondays as "Crafty Monday".  We don't have school that day, and I figured it would be a nice, easy transition in to the week with a fun craft each Monday.  Today we made Snowman Milk Jugs!  This was pinterest inspired, naturally. :)

I had these small milk jugs that I had saved from some drinks we had brought home from PA one time when we were up there recently, so that's what we used.  


Before we glued anything on the front of  the milk jug, I cut a flap in the bottom of the jug, so I could place an LED tealight candle in there when we were done.  Then ,we cut out two ovals for the eyes and five circles for the mouth, both from black construction paper.  We glued them on with a glue stick (and some of the sticky residue leftover from when I pealed the label off).  Then we cut out a triangle from orange construction paper for the nose and glued that on as well.  The top hat is cut from black felt.


 And, here is what the snowman looks like with the tealight lit up on the inside. :)


It was a quick, easy project, but we still had fun with it.  Jacob LOVES art projects and so does his mama!

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