Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jacob's *6th* Birthday!

It's hard to believe our little man and first born is SIX today.  He's not a baby anymore. :( He's turning in to a vibrant, athletic, smart little boy right before our very eyes!  I so wish we could slow time down or stop it altogether.  

This year Jacob's birthday fell on a Friday, so I didn't get to spend the entire day with him like I like to do on my kids' birthdays.  He was at school all day, so I decided to take a healthy snack of watermelon in to school to share with his entire class, so we could all celebrate together.  I love that we're allowed to bring stuff in to school for their birthdays.  It makes their day even more special!

After school Jacob rode the bus home with his friend, Hayden, and had a fun playdate with him.  I love that he's making buddies, and hope that he'll always have his friends close to him.  It's something I never experienced since we moved around so much growing up, so it's very important to me that my children grow up with the same friends from grade school all the way through high school and beyond.

Anyway, at 6 this evening, we picked Jacob up from Hayden's house and headed out for his birthday dinner.  He chose Joe's Crab Shack (of course! That child could eat his weight in seafood. lol).  While we waited for our table we snapped some family pictures.  I'm so glad I get these photos each year.  I know some day I'll love looking back at them all.  Heck, even now it's fun to see the difference in all of us from one year to the next.

After dinner we came back to our house for presents and cake.  My parents got Jacob the new Soccer game for his Xbox (our gift is still on it's way).

And, for the second year in a row, I made Jacob the tie dyed cake he requested.  It's fun to make and looks SO cool!

Happy birthday, Bubba!!  We love you so very much! 

Love, Mommy

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