Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mother's Day - 2014

I always love the fun homemade gifts I get from Jacob that he makes in school.  They mean so much to me and I will treasure them forever!  I cant wait until I start getting them from Henry as well.  This year Jacob made me a cute hard and a necklace in school that I just LOVED!

The past couple of years I've tried doing things to create memories for my mom for Mother's Day instead of buying gifts.  It's hard for me to come up with new ideas for gifts, so I thought this was a good alternative.  I know I always enjoy doing stuff that is meaningful and will help create new memories, so I figured she would too.  Last year I took her to Spa World for the day.  That was fun and relaxing!  This year, however, I decided we'd go paint some pottery!  I have never done it before and I don't think she had either, so I figured it'd be something fun we could do together for the first time.

We went to a place in Sterling called Color Me Mine.  We both picked out what we wanted to paint ... my mom, a jewelry box type thing and myself, a vase.  

For the first time painting pottery, you'd think I could have chosen something a little less difficult.  Lol  Anyway, we just took our time, enjoying ourselves, choosing our colors and carefully decorating our jewelry box and vase.  It took us about 2-3 hours total, but it was well worth it, and I, personally, was enjoying some quiet. haha

After we were done painting our pottery, we decided to stop next door at Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt.  Little did we know that our frozen yogurt would be free!  SWEET!  Lol

After our frozen yogurt, we went home to get our guys ... all four of them .. and then we headed out for dinner at Outback.  I specifically wanted to eat there because I really wanted the Ahi Tuna Salad they have.  It is SOOOOO good!!  Funnily enough mine came out long after everyone else's, and mine had the least amount of cooking time.  What the heck?!  But, whatever .. dinner was good.  The company was good.  Our day was good.  We had a really great, low-key Mother's Day, and I wouldn't change it for anything. :)

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