Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easter 2014

I've learned a few things from this past Easter.  A) Hide the Easter eggs inside the night before instead of in the backyard.  The squirrels and raccoons ate most of them!  And, B) Hide the Easter baskets.  The kids woke up early and let us sleep in (thanks, but not really, lol), but in doing so they ate almost all the candy in their Easter baskets and I got no pictures. :(  Sad mama bear.  So, anyway, next year I'll be hiding their baskets and hiding the Easter eggs for the egg hunt inside the house, too.

When we were finally woken up by the boys and found out they had eaten over half their candy, we got up and I made everyone some special Easter pancakes.  Check these cuties out!

I got the idea from Pinterest.  I wish I could take full credit for it, but isn't he so cute?!

After breakfast, the boys and I finally got around to dying Easter eggs.  The last two Easters time has just gotten away from me and we always forget to do this.  This past year time got away from me so much that we ended up doing it the afternoon of Easter!  They had a lot of fun, though, and we created some really cool looking masterpieces.

In the afternoon Gee and Pap came bearing more Easter baskets for the boys.  I DID get pictures of them opening those at least!

The boys' big present from the Easter bunny at my parents' house was their new recliners.  I love these things!  I wish we had them in adult size!

As you can see Henry was in love with his new chair!

We had a yummy dinner that night that consisted of ham, green beans, potato salad, deviled eggs and rolls. And, for dessert I made a delicious cake.  I had wanted to do a peep cake, but couldn't find the right peeps at the store, so I had to forgo that part.  It still looked great and tasted even better, though.

The recipe for these deviled eggs can be found here.  I made them for the first time last year, and I loved the way they turned out so much I decided to do them again this year.  John and my step-dad won't eat them, though, so I have to make a batch of regular deviled eggs for them.  I don't know why they won't eat them ... they taste exactly the same as the regular ones.  *shrug*  Anyway, you can see last year's post about these same eggs here.  I think the color turned out better last year.  I think I put too much food coloring in them this year. :-/

We had a really nice, low-key Easter Sunday .. it was perfect!  I'm very excited for this coming Easter, though.  We finally have a Church home, so we'll be going to Easter Sunday service!

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