Monday, May 14, 2012

First haircut!!

The boys (all three of them) have been in desperate need of a haircut for some time now.  So, on Sunday, even though it was Mother's Day and I had vowed to do nothing all day, we finally made a family trip to the barber shop.  Why did we feel the need to make a FAMILY TRIP to the barber shop?? Because it was Henry's FIRST haircut!


I'll be honest, I was not really looking forward to it.  He's my baby and a haircut is a BIG milestone in my mind.  It's kind of the dividing line between babyhood and toddlerhood.  Crossing that line was the last thing needed to really make my baby not a baby anymore.  I mean, he was born with that same hair on his head.  No matter how shaggy it got he was still the same adorable, sweet little baby.


When we got there, we were taken right away to a chair.  I decided to be the one whose lap he sat on for his first haircut and I'm really glad I did.  He did AMAZINGLY!  Not a single tear.  He didn't whine, grunt or even attempt to throw a tantrum.  He just sort of sat there looking around and checking out the woman who was trimming his hair.  He got a little restless toward the end, so she gave him a few toys to hold on to and then all was well again. 

Check out our little stud ... doesn't he look so handsome?!?! :)


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