Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh "Two"dles!

Henry's birthday this year is going to be a Mickey Mouse themed party, and I'm so excited!!  There are so many cute ideas I've found (mainly on pinterest), and I'm having a blast planning his party.  I couldn't wait until after his party to post his birthday invitations, though.

The supplies you'll need are:

~ black card stock paper
~ red card stock paper
~ white card stock paper
~ clear glue
~ matching buttons
~ scissors
~ scrapbooking shears

I took a cereal bowl and traced that on the black card stock for the bottom part of Mickey and then a glass to trace the ears.  I cut one Mickey out and then used that to trace the others.  Then I used the same cereal bowl to trace circles on the red card stock, cut those out and then cut them in half.  I glued one half on the bottom of each Mickey, but only glue it around the outside to make it into a pocket.  After it dried, I glued two matching buttons on the red pocket.  Then I typed the invitation portion on white card stock, printed it out and cut it out with scrapbooking shears.  I, then, inserted it into the pocket of Mickey and voila!  The cutest Mickey Mouse invitations EVER!

The invitation wording I used was:

Oh "Two"dles!
Henry's turning 2
and wants to party with you!!


Our Clubhouse:

RSVP info

This is what it looked like before I added everything ...


 And, this is the final product!


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insearchofpearls said...

So so cute! Great job mama!