Saturday, February 23, 2013

FIRST SEWING PROJECT: Valances for the Kids' Playroom

This was my first official sewing project after I got my new sewing machine.  My poor Facebook friends had to hear a LOT about it.  lol  Now I'm finally done and I can share with all of you!  I had to make a total of SIX valances for their playroom.  One for each of the single windows and then two for the big double window.  Seeing as how these were the first valances I ever made I didn't really know how I was going to do them, so I just took the ones down in Jacob's bedroom that I had bought and copied the pattern and measurements.

The valances are a total of 57" wide and 22" long.  I did 1/2" seams on the bottom, first, and then one each side.  Last I did a 4" pocket on top for the curtain rod to go through.  I only used the small, cheap, 1" white metal curtain rods that you can get at Walmart or Target, but any curtain rod up to 4" would work fine.

And, last, I had my heart set on Dr. Seuss patterned fabric for the valances, but our Joann's didn't have any. I'm not sure if that's because they just didn't have it or because it's a copyright thing and NO ONE sells it (although you can buy Dr. Seuss valances on amazon - that's where I originally got the idea).  Anyway, here are just a few pictures of the valances.  I'm so proud of them!

 photo 33_zpseb8b96ba.jpg

 photo 32_zpscfedbb86.jpg

 photo 34_zpsb00cd3d4.jpg

I have about a yard of fabric leftover, so I'm thinking of making a few matching throw pillows to add to their couch in their playroom.  Stay tuned for a post about those. :)

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