Monday, February 25, 2013

Throw Pillows

Last week after I finished the valances for the kids' playroom, I noticed I had almost a yard of fabric leftover, so I decided to throw together a few throw pillows for on their couch since the ones we currently had in there were old and beat up.  They turned out really, REALLY good, I think!

To make these pillows I cut two pieces of fabric that were 18"x18" and then pinned them together with the "right" sides together (you have to sew them on the wrong side and then flip them right side out before stuffing them).  I sewed three sides completely together and then sewed all but a small section on the fourth side.  Then I flipped the pillow right side out through the small opening, and stuffed in as much "fluff" as I wanted.  This was a good job for Jacob.  He had a blast helping me stuff the pillows! :)  When I was finished I hand stitched the small opening with the matching white thread and voila!  Two matching throw pillows for the kids to cuddle with while watching TV or movies. :)

 photo PlayroomPillows-2_wm_zps71922f1a.jpg 

And, here's a picture showing them with the valances. Now we just need to get the walls in the playroom painted and it'll be completely finished! :)

   photo PlayroomPillows-1_wm_zpsc04e8952.jpg

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