Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reading Corner 2013: Book 4 of 12

The Glass Case: A Short Story - By: Kristin Hannah

This one I don't have a picture for, a link or even a summary of what the story was about.  It was a VERY short story, and a super easy read ... even for me.  It took me about an hour to read it.

Basically this one is about a young mother and her family.  One day tragedy strikes when her young son misses the school bus and decides to walk home from school instead.  April and her husband, Ryan, fear the worst.  Eventually, hours after Bradley missed the bus, he arrives home and tells his parents of the lady who helped him get home ... April's deceased mother, who never had the privilege of meeting any of her grandchildren.  It's definitely a good choice for a quick read. :)

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