Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pittsburgh Trip ~ June, 2013

The weekend of John's birthday (June 23rd) we traveled to PA for an extended weekend!  This weekend had multiple purposes. First we were going up for the Congenital Heart Walk in North Park, so John also scheduled his brother's Bachelor party for the same weekend, so we could do everything all at once. It worked out really well! We went up on Thursday and just hung out with the family that evening. On Friday we went to one of John's friend's house to swim in his new pool. Fun, fun!! The kids had a blast, even Henry who is scared of water all of a sudden. Josh (our nephew) and Dana (John's sister) came with us, so it was even more fun!

   photo IMG_5980_wm_zps66e5f4cd.jpg  photo IMG_5987_wm_zps4ccf8d26.jpg 

 My parents got up there on Friday night and checked in to the same hotel as us. The on Saturday morning we headed out to North Park for the Congenital Heart Walk. You can read all about it here. Saturday night was Jason's bachelor party, so MIL and I went and hung out with the guys at the bar for a little bit before they left on their limo bus. It was a lot of fun, but I was definitely ready to go home ... I am so not a bar kind of person anymore. I'm not sure I ever really was. Sunday was John's birthday, but we didn't see him until the very end of the day. That I kind of regret, but he was hung over, so I was trying to just give him the space he needed. Normally if I'm around him and he's hung over I get annoyed pretty easily with him, so at least this way that never happened. We (my parents and I) took the kids to Kennywood that day. This is something my parents did last year with Ashlee and Mike, and I wanted to keep the tradition alive, so that's what we did. Josh and his dad came with us also, which I think was pretty fun for Jacob, but it was also really fun for me. We rode mostly water rides that day as it was SO hot and humid. SO HOT! That day was just so fun! I hadn't been to Kennywood since I lived up there more than 10 years earlier.

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 Also in between riding rides, we stopped and watched a pretty cool stunt show that is new to the park since the last time I was there. Here's a picture of Jacob and I with all the stunt guys.

   photo IMG_6028_wm_zps55793e6d.jpg

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