Sunday, August 4, 2013

Daddy's Day 2013

This past Father's Day we did something a little different.  My step-dad, Rick, had duty crew that night for the fire company, so we couldn't go out to dinner that night.  Instead we decided to head to WV for the day and spend some time at the Hollywood Casino and Race Track in Charles Town.  It was the kids' first trip to the race track, so they had a blast watching the horses race and "placing bets" (John let Jacob pick a few random numbers and we placed bets on those horses.  I think we may have actually won back a few dollars.  lol)

 photo IMG_5913_wm_zps6a23ae03.jpg  photo IMG_5918_wm_zps13da2ada.jpg  photo IMG_5921_wm_zps87c65289.jpg
 photo IMG_5919_wm_zpsfad795ab.jpg  photo IMG_5922_wm_zps86f5ae8d.jpg
 photo IMG_5926_wm_zps1c05ca02.jpg  photo IMG_5927_wm_zpsca506ae5.jpg  photo IMG_5928_wm_zpsef3b2623.jpg 

 The first race went off without a hitch ... or so we thought. This little guy knocked his jockey right off as soon as he left the gate and then just aimlessly ran around the track. haha

   photo IMG_5931_wm_zpsb665fc30.jpg 

 After watching a few of the races it was time to head inside for our brunch buffet! OMG was the food wonderful. I love it there! It's a little pricey, but so worth it.

   photo IMG_5935_wm_zps1db900c2.jpg  photo IMG_5943_wm_zps65d4e74c.jpg  photo IMG_5948_wm_zps65146394.jpg 

 We bet on a few more races before leaving, and I think we won a few more bucks back! I'm not a huge horse racing fan, but it was kind of fun to actually get back a little bit of our money. I think the dads in our lives enjoyed themselves ... I know the women and children did. :) Plus it was a fun and different way to spend our Father's Day this year. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there, but most of all to my step-dad, my father-in-law and last, but certainly not least, my husband and father of my two precious babies. :)

   photo IMG_5952_wm_zps327764db.jpg  photo IMG_5960_wm_zps60a00b2b.jpg 

 And, just for fun, I'm adding in these photos .. I did this picture at the end of May for a fun Father's Day card this year and all the dads in our lives LOVED it! Here it is:

   photo IMG_4871_wm_zps06675821.jpg 

 And, here's the fabulous Father's Day card I made! :)

   photo FathersDayCard2013_wm_zps03b05a58.jpg

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