Friday, July 26, 2013

Preschool Graduation & the Last Day of School!

First let me say that I am just in shock with how fast the past two years have gone!  It feels like Jacob JUST started preschool at St. Timothy's Preschool, and now he's a Preschool graduate!! My little baby is growing up before my eyes and I don't like it one bit!

At the end of May, Jacob's teacher held a preschool graduation for his entire class at a nearby park.  It was such a fun time and so cute to see him with all his classmates!  I am so sad that he won't be at the same school as all his little guy friends next year, but he will at least know two of his classmates ... two of the little girls in his class from St. Timothy's, Katie and Nina, are both going to be attending Dranesville Elementary with Jacob in the Fall.

We were one of the first families to arrive at the park, so the boys got busy playing while we waited for everyone to get there.

   photo IMG_4287_wm_zpsc401c41c.jpg 
   photo IMG_4288_wm_zps3651037c.jpg  photo IMG_4304_wm_zps65922979.jpg  photo IMG_4296_wm_zps08f03c3e.jpg
 photo IMG_4293_wm_zps3af476bc.jpg  photo IMG_4294_wm_zps4a1946d9.jpg

I love this cute table and all the fun stuff Jacob's teachers had set up there for the "Red Star" class. :)

 photo IMG_4301_wm_zps01577ef7.jpg

After everyone arrived and the kids had a little free time to play, Jacob's teachers, Miss Jamie and Miss Cheryl rounded all the kids up and took them to a far side of the park to get lined up for their "processional". It was so cute!! They got everyone lined up (Jacob was in the back, as will be the norm his entire way through school, poor kid!) and then they played the graduation song (you know? The one they play at high school graduations) as the kids walked in to the pavilion where all the parents were seated. So.stinkin.cute!

   photo IMG_4306_wm_zps8ab9c943.jpg  photo IMG_4309_wm_zps22229ec4.jpg  photo IMG_4310_wm_zps35443ae3.jpg  photo IMG_4311_wm_zps7386ff13.jpg  photo IMG_4312_wm_zps9d8ecdeb.jpg  photo IMG_4313_wm_zps90b7a696.jpg  photo IMG_4314_wm_zps044c2706.jpg  photo IMG_4316_wm_zpsf5fa3639.jpg  photo IMG_4323_wm_zpsc67002c3.jpg  photo IMG_4325_wm_zps9ed62aec.jpg

Before the teachers got started handing out their diplomas we all made sure to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

 photo IMG_4327_wm_zps0f13cd74.jpg
Then came the time to hand out diplomas. It was the cutest thing ever, and I may or may not have teared up. :) Miss Jamie called each child up individually and asked them a series of questions (where are you going to school next year? what was your favorite thing this year at St. Timothys? what are you most looking forward to next year at your new school? - stuff like that). It was just so cute and so fun to see how each of them acted with Miss Jamie and how they answered her questions. Had I blogged about this right after his graduation I might be able to remember the answers to his questions, but I cannot. :( Anyway, here are some photos of him with Miss Jamie. How cute is my guy?!

   photo IMG_4335_wm_zpsa9c9da43.jpg  photo IMG_4337_wm_zpsd3e34339.jpg
 photo IMG_4339_wm_zps74fc3b1d.jpg  photo IMG_4341_wm_zps9338765c.jpg  photo IMG_4340_wm_zps2bf73df4.jpg
 photo IMG_4342_wm_zps006dbffc.jpg  photo IMG_4343_wm_zps5023a006.jpg
 photo IMG_4344_wm_zps650e230f.jpg  photo IMG_4346_wm_zps4f29e5de.jpg
And, here they are .. the 2013 Red Star graduating class of St. Timothy's Preschool! :)

   photo IMG_4353_wm_zps210eb3e5.jpg  photo IMG_4354_wm_zps1f216ce9.jpg 

 And, of course I had to get a photo with my guy and just look how proud he is of his diploma!

   photo IMG_4358_wm_zpsb2120581.jpg
 photo IMG_4360_wm_zps03b77f9a.jpg

Here's a fun comparison of Jacob from his first day of school to his last day of school during this past school year. Look how much he's grown in just one school year!!

   photo Jacob_wm_zps36afce8b.jpg  photo IMG_4386_wm_zps9d961c1f.jpg 

 And, here are some "last day of school photos" cause the last day is just as exciting (if not MORE exciting)
s the first day!

   photo IMG_4389_wm_zps93f031cc.jpg  photo IMG_4393_wm_zpsb586468e.jpg

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