Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jacob's 5th Birthday!

Hard to believe it, but my first born, my little tiny 4lb-er is 5 years old now!  I kind of feel bad as we haven't had a true blue party for him the past two years, but I did do a "Party in the Park" for him one day after school with all his classmates and that was a lot of fun!

Anyway, on to the actual day.  May 9, 2013 Jacob turned 5!

In the morning we had the Mother's Day Tea at school and my mom was able to go to that with us, so that was nice.  I think Jacob really loved having Gee there.  After school we came home and had lunch and put Henry down for a nap.  Basic, normal, every day stuff.

Then that evening after John got home from work and my parents got back to our house, John took Jacob to the store with him, so we could get his presents set up in the house.  That was pretty fun, I gotta say!  I loved the "surprise" factor that we hadn't done up to this point.  When he came in the house he was pretty excited to see all his presents!

 photo IMG_3464_wm_zps5faf9d5c.jpg

 photo IMG_3453_wm_zpsb259c181.jpg  photo IMG_3455_wm_zps933768c3.jpg  photo IMG_3491_wm_zps645e1152.jpg  photo IMG_3490_wm_zpsa41ff6df.jpg  photo IMG_3485_wm_zps643bbf4e.jpg  photo IMG_3482_wm_zps830a55f4.jpg

He spent the first half hour or so after getting home from the store opening presents, and then before we had dinner, he took his bike out for a spin.  It was pretty slow going at first because he had to get used to peddling a bike and his little legs weren't that strong to make it up small hills, so needless to say for the first few weeks he had the bike we spent more time pushing him on it then he spent actually peddling it himself. And, of course baby brother, Henry, had to get on his little tricycle and try to keep up with his big brother.  :)  He's such a cutie!

 photo IMG_3497_wm_zpsab415fb7.jpg

 photo IMG_3506_wm_zpsbbec3568.jpg   photo IMG_3503_wm_zps3cdca7a1.jpg 

 photo IMG_3512_wm_zps4224aabe.jpg  photo IMG_3520_wm_zps469c3bdf.jpg

   photo IMG_3535_wm_zps70332611.jpg  photo IMG_3536_wm_zps55b49f20.jpg 

 After they rode their bikes for a bit, John and I came in to start his birthday dinner: crab legs, corn-on-the-cob and roasted red potatoes. YUM!  Not a lot of five year olds have that for their birthday dinner (not a lot of five year olds WANT that for their birthday dinner)!  Anyway, we had a wonderfully yummy dinner and then it was time for some cake and singing!!  Jacob requested a tie-dyed cake, so that's what he had for his birthday.  It turned out really cute and tasted even better!!

 photo IMG_3545_wm_zpsadf5569c.jpg  photo IMG_3549_wm_zps90274aa2.jpg
 photo IMG_3555_wm_zpse610c184.jpg  photo IMG_3560_wm_zpsa04bd1b8.jpg

 photo IMG_3565_wm_zps963e3db6.jpg

I think our boy had a pretty awesome day, I know we did, celebrating his birth! :)

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