Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend ~ May 12, 2013

This was my mom's first Mother's Day without Ashlee, so I felt like my main goal for the day was to keep her mind OFF of that one aspect.  I think I did okay. We had plans for both days that weekend (one day was our Mother's Day plans and one day was Jacob's birthday plans), but we had to wait until we saw the weather forecast before we could make definite plans.  The weather ended up being nicer on Sunday (Mother's Day), so we did Jacob's birthday stuff that day and on Saturday we did our Mother's Day stuff.

So, anyway, on Saturday my mom and I went to Spa World and just hung out and RELAXED. Something I think we both needed. I ended up relaxing so much I fell asleep. lol I can't even remember what we did for dinner that evening, but I know I didn't cook or clean up from it, so that's all that really counts. Sunday, we did Jacob's birthday stuff, but we were still celebrating Mother's Day some too. Confused, yet?? haha Anyway, we went down in to DC to play tourist for the day. That's always a fun thing to do especially when you live in the area you're touring! It was such a cold day outside, but the sky was clear and I was able to get some really great pictures! We bought tickets for one of the double decker tour bus lines. Those are so great because you can just hop on and off when you want.

   photo IMG_3578_wm_zpsf273509c.jpg

I was able to get some really great photos of the Capital building from the top of the bus! Aren't the buildings in our Nation's Capital so beautiful?!

   photo IMG_3584_wm_zpsa42f8474.jpg  photo IMG_3588_wm_zps80ffcf7d.jpg  photo IMG_3591_wm_zps3562532b.jpg  photo IMG_3592_wm_zps7297cfaf.jpg 

 The first stop we got off at was for the National Mall right by the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument ended up being under construction STILL from the earthquake we had almost 2 years ago, so we just took some quick photos and then hopped back on the bus to continue on to our ultimate stop ... the Lincoln Memorial!

   photo IMG_3600_wm_zps709010cb.jpg 
   photo IMG_3606_wm_zpsd50f6398.jpg 

 The Lincoln Memorial! We've finally arrived!! Or, as Jacob calls it "the Inklin' Memorial". hehe too cute! Anyway, the boy is obsessed with the Presidents, especially President Lincoln. He was in Heaven getting to see the giant statue of him ... he talked about it for weeks after!

   photo IMG_3620_wm_zps8890aebc.jpg  photo IMG_3624_wm_zps84b86761.jpg  photo IMG_3629_wm_zps511a996f.jpg 
   photo IMG_3638_wm_zps3f516518.jpg  photo IMG_3633_wm_zpseaf955f9.jpg 

 Here's another view of the Washington Monument looking from the Lincoln Memorial. Very pretty, if you ask me! Oh, and a cute little duck family we saw swimming through the reflecting pool. :)

   photo IMG_3642_wm_zps58b6123c.jpg  photo IMG_3650_wm_zps89aadda9.jpg 

 This statue of Albert Einstein might possibly be my favorite thing we saw all day! There is a galaxy on the floor in front of the statue and if you stand directly in the middle it is said that you are in the middle of the Milky Way. Also, when you talk you can hear it echoing, but no one else can. It's so neat!! We all took turns listening to our echos!!

   photo IMG_3655_wm_zps5aa72b21.jpg  photo IMG_3659_wm_zps6f348881.jpg 

 After we were done with all this, we hopped on a bus and headed over to Arlington National Cemetery. We would have gone to visit John's friend who is buried there, but oh boy would that have been a lot of walking! We did, however, stop by JFK's grave and that of Jackie O. and their two young children.

   photo IMG_3668_wm_zps9c44af1e.jpg  photo IMG_3673_wm_zps44ad2e10.jpg 

 And, finally before our day was over we stopped by the White House to take a quick pic.

   photo IMG_3710_wm_zpsde474427.jpg

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