Monday, July 22, 2013

Lucky Number 7!

Let me preface this by saying, I realize I'm two months late on this blog post.  I'm so far behind on ALL my blog posts, but I'm slowly getting caught up, so please bear with me!

Anywho, May 6, 2013 was our SEVENTH wedding anniversary.  Lucky number 7!  I feel like we've come so far from the people we were when we got married.  We've fought more times than I care to think of, but made up just as many. We've been on countless vacations together. We've brought two beautiful children in to this crazy world.  We've moved 4 times, but seem to finally be settled some place that is suited well for us.  We've been through a lot, and I'm sure will go through many more ups and downs throughout the years, but I wouldn't want to go through them with anyone else.

I love you, babe!  You're the best husband and best friend a girl could ever hope for.  You're a wonderful, hands on daddy, too.  Our babies are blessed beyond measure to be able to call you their daddy!  <3 p="">
And, while I'm at it ... the other night while looking through some old photos, I came across a CD with a bunch of photos from our wedding and honeymoon, so I scrapped a few of them.  :)  Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

 photo Daily-Scrap-Challenge-072213_wm_zpse8babb3e.jpg  photo WhiteSpaceChallenge_wm_zpsea5ab18e.jpg

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