Monday, February 14, 2011

Henry Update!

I just don't know what to do anymore. I've never looked forward to a doctor's appointment so much in my entire life, but Henry has his 4 month well check on Friday and I can't wait! I pray to God the pediatrician can shed some light on why he's such a bear all of a sudden to get to sleep and STAY asleep.

I've found if I lay in bed with him and nurse him for his naps, then we're good. He's at least taking decent naps that way AND (win/win for me!) I get to catch up on my shows on the DVR, lol. I tried it with bedtime tonight and it was a big fat FAIL! I was able to nurse him down and get him so he was asleep enough that HE popped himself off, but as soon as I left the room and got settled on the couch, he was awake and screaming again. *sigh* I ended up giving him 2 more ounces by bottle. That was enough that he was relaxed and didn't tense up when I put him in his crib. He wasn't asleep, but he's not crying right now and it's been about 10 minutes (*crosses fingers* that he doesn't start crying now that I said all of this). I might just have to do this every night for awhile until he gets over this growth spurt/4 month sleep regression, whatever it is. I just don't know anymore. I find myself praying a lot more than I ever used to ... for patience, strength and guidance because I've never been this stumped and frustrated in all of my life.

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