Sunday, July 3, 2011

What have we been up to?!


Jacob had his gymnastics class that I blogged about back in March.  It went until the beginning of June, every.single.Saturday morning.  It was a long commitment, but I'm glad we did it.  He really enjoyed it a lot!  I'm thinking in the Fall we might look into Soccer and/or a swimming class (he's really enjoying swimming all of a sudden).  Henry had a swimming class that started at the end of April and went through the beginning of June, also, and it too was every single Saturday morning.  It made Saturdays pretty hectic there for awhile, but we've since calmed it down a lot.  They boys really enjoyed their classes, so it makes me glad we enrolled them when we did!

At the beginning of May my 4lb ll oz premie turned 3!  I can hardly believe 3 years have gone by already.  We celebrated at Sea Base in Greensburg, PA with close friends and family.  Jacob loved his party and had a blast at Sea Base.  It was really hard to get him to leave, but we managed.  Here's a picture from his special day.


Since then we've just been hanging out at home a lot.  Henry has been going through some weird growth spurt and/or a sleep regression, so he hasn't been sleeping much and has had us all really tired.

I recently started my own Avon business, too.  That's been keeping me super busy in between kids and working full-time.  Check out my info on the right hand side of this page! 

It's the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and we've had a lot of fun things going on, but I'll make a separate post about them later (once the weekend is officially over), and then next weekend we leave for vacation (Williamsburg for a day and then the Outer Banks for a week!), so I'll have a lot to blog about when we get back!  In the meantime thanks for checking back in with us and I hope to keep our family blog more up to date!  Have a great evening!!

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