Monday, July 23, 2012

Henry J: 21 months old!

I meant to write this post last weekend on Henry's actual month-birthday, but life was hectic with our a/c issues, and so I forgot.  Here it is now, though ... 

Henry J,

Hard to believe that in less than three months we'll be celebrating your SECOND birthday!  Ahhh ... where does the time go?!  I feel like we were JUST welcoming you into our family, and now you're this crazy, funny, outgoing toddler.  


You seem to be learning things and I'm not even sure where you've picked them up.  You're communication with us is still not that strong (though I'm sure it will be soon enough, you're still so young), so the fact that I can point to some toys, ask you to pick them up and you actually follow through is amazing to me.  You, honestly, listen better than your older brother right now.  

While you're vocabulary still has a lot of room for improvement, you're saying more words every day!  I love seeing you learn new words and phrases.  Right now here is what I know you can say ... whether you will or not is another thing altogether.

Baba (bottle - yes, you still take a bottle at nap and bed time)
Get down
Uh oh

You know the sign for "more" and "mommy".  

You know where a few of your body parts are - nose, ears, belly.

You're on your way to learning to count.  We count every day as we go up and down the stairs outside, so soon enough you'll be catching on and counting just like your big brother.  And, you are also starting to learn your shapes and colors by doing the puzzles we do almost every day.  I'm so proud of how much you've learned in such a short time frame.

Photobucket Photobucket

We've got a couple of busy months coming up here ... we're prepping for a move, then off to the beach for a week's vacation, and then when we get home we have to get Jacob ready for his next year of preschool.  Before we know it your birthday is going to be here and I'll have a two year old again.  I can't wait, but please don't feel the need to grow up so quickly!!


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