Friday, July 27, 2012

We're moving, we're moving, we're really REALLY moving!!

I honestly cannot believe we are FINALLY moving!!!  We've needed more space for some time now, and thanks to great timing and a great friend, we're finally able to have that much needed room.

It's a bittersweet time for us right now, though.  We've lived here for almost 5 years!  When we first moved in, in fact the DAY we moved in, was the first day I had morning sickness during my pregnancy with Jacob.  This is the only home my kids (and our kitty, Bella!) have ever known.  So, as I walk around boxing up pictures, knick knacks, toys, etc., a wave of nostalgia washes over me.

We've made a lot of great memories here, and I'm so looking forward to making many, many more memories in our new house.  In our new place each of the kids will have their own bedroom and we'll finally have our master bedroom back all to ourselves (been sharing with one kid or the other for almost two years!).  The kids will have their own bathroom and we'll have a huge bathroom all to ourselves.  On the main level the kids will have their own playroom separate from our living room.  Then there is a powder room (haven't had one of those before!), a dining room and a kitchen.  There's an unfinished basement which houses the laundry room.  John has plans for turning part of it into a "man cave" and I have a section I plan to turn into a "craft room".  And, one of the best things of all ... we will finally have a backyard for our little hooligans to run around in and be the crazy little boys that they are!  I can't wait!

Our move date is August 17th, and then a week later we leave for our annual beach vacation, so there is a lot going on in our lives right now.  I'll be glad when it's all over and done with.  I plan to blog quite a bit about our journey while we're packing and then about our move, and of course I'll be showing off the house once we're unpacked.  I have a lot of ideas for each room, so it's going to take awhile to get it all the way I want.  The first room I need to paint right away is Jacob's bedroom.  I'm hoping to get in before we move, so I can have it painted beforehand.  It's navy blue and white ... that is just NOT going to work with my little guy's fire truck theme he has going on right now.  :)  Anyway, stay tuned for more updates about our move and all my little projects I'll be working on!!

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