Thursday, October 18, 2012

John Update: 2 of 2

John's second surgery was this morning and it went really well!  I haven't spoken with his doctor, but from what I've heard from other hospital staff, it went well and was done in about an hour.

I was unable to be at the hospital this morning because I had to get Jacob to school, so after I dropped him off, Henry and I headed over to the hospital.  John's surgery was scheduled for 7:30 AM, so he was already in the OR being worked on when we got there.  We went to his room and hung out for an hour or so before I finally wandered down to the surgical unit to find out the status.  At this point it was about 10:30, and the volunteer who got an update for me informed me it was going to be about 45 more minutes before he was brought back to his room.  Well, by this time we had to be gone to pick Jacob up from school, so the kids didn't end up seeing John at all today, and I didn't see him until this evening and only for two hours.

Later this evening my mom came to stay with the kids, so I could go back to the hospital (the original plan was for Jacob to go, but he wanted to stay home, so I didn't argue ... a little alone time was fine with me :)).  I hung out with him for a few hours before I had to come home to get the kids ready for bed.

I just feel so bad for him.  :(  He's SO miserable today.  Much more than he was on Tuesday or Wednesday.  His whole body is sore from laying in the same position.  His back and side hurt (understandably so).  He's SO itchy from all the pain meds (we've started having a night "scratch session", where I just scratch his legs, sides, back and arms to try to help some).  I wish I could take the pain away or help in some way, but I'm helpless in that regard, so I've just been trying to do whatever I can to help while I'm able to be at the hospital.

Thank you, again, for all the thoughts and prayers again this week!

ETA: I forgot ... he was running a bit of a fever last night and is running one again this evening, so please pray he's not getting an infection.  :-/  The tylenol he took last night seemed to break it and it didn't come back, so I'm praying that's the case again tonight.

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