Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Party Banner: Mickey Mouse Theme

I got a lot of my ideas for Henry's birthday party this year off of Pinterest.  I love that website!  This was no different.  The original blog post on this banner can be viewed here. 

I used the same materials to make the two Mickeys on either end that I used when I made the invitation.  Then I used the same bowl to trace enough circles for all the letters in Henry's name, and I used the cup to trace smaller circles on scrapbooking paper.  Glued those onto the cardstock circles and then added the silver letters once the circles had dried.  The next, and final step, was to punch a single hole in the side of circle and then tie them together with small pieces of ribbon.  Super easy, just a little time consuming, and soooo cute!  Everyone raved about it.  :)


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