Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gift Idea!

I got this gift idea from a friend of mine months ago, and I decided to put my own spin on it to fit the likes of the recipients - my parents!  Anyway, I called it a "Night at the Movies" basket. :)

My parents are HUGE diet coke drinkers.  That's pretty much all they ever drink, so I was sure to throw in a bunch of those.  I bought the 8-packs of the mini cans.  So cute!  If I could have found the glass bottles, I'd have bought those instead, but every where I looked only had coke in the glass bottles.  And, what kind of a movie night would it be without microwaveable popcorn?? So, of course, I threw in a bunch of those.  THEN, then had to have something to put the diet coke IN, right??  Well, my new (not so new, I've loved them for awhile I just haven't "collected" them until the past year or so) love is Tervis Tumblers.  So, I got them each one with their initials on it.  Trying to choose just one for them was super hard!  They had so many awesome ones my parents would have loved, even a "his" and "hers" one.  So cool .. but, in the end I ended up going with the one I originally wanted.  I also got them the lids and straws to go with them.  And, then, because I wasn't sure what movies they already had or if they actually ever sit at home long enough to watch a movie, I got them a gift certificate to one of the local movie theaters.  So, now they can have a little date night and go see whatever movie strikes their fancy.  I thought this was such a cute idea and they did too!! :)


Oh, and the one thing I didn't do that I had wanted to with this thing was I was going to use a popcorn bucket as the basket, but all this stuff wouldn't have fit in one of those things!

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