Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Walgreens Balance Rewards

This is a fairly new program to Walgreens, but it's sort of like CVS's Extracare Bucks  you can earn except you earn points at Walgreens and every so many points is equal to $1 you can redeem in the store.  They keep track of it on your BR card, so there are no coupons to remember to bring with you, and you can still use them in conjuction with RR or manufacturer coupons.  I had a pretty fun trip this morning!  I was in need of diapers for Henry.  I normally buy a box of Target brand diapers for about $20.  Well, I saw this deal on Southern Savers yesterday, so I decided to try it out.

Transaction #1:

2 Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (normally $6.49/each) - they were on sale for B1G1 50% off and SS had a $1.50 printable coupon, so I printed off two of them.  THEN for each package you bought, you got 3,000 BR!  That's 6,000 BR = $6 off.

1 Clear Hair Care Product (normally $7.49) - this was on sale for $5.99 and SS had a printable coupon for $2, so I printed one of those as well.

Subtotal before savings: $20.47
BR Savings: $4.75
Coupon Savings: $5.00
Total Spent: $11.21 (this includes tax)

BR Earned: 6,000

Transaction #2:

The diapers I needed!

2 packages of Walgreens brand diapers (normally $9.99/each) were on sale for B1G1 at $8.99.

On this transaction I was able to redeem 5,000 points, which is equal to $5 off. (You can only redeem in increments of 5,000 points.)

Subtotal for savings: $19.98 
BR Savings $10.99
BR Redeemed: $5.00
Total Spent: $4.44 (this includes tax)

So, overall I got all of this ...


For less than what one box of Target brand diapers would have cost me!

Total before savings, coupons, BR redemption: $40.45
Total savings (coupons, sales, BR redemption): 25.74
Total spent: $14.71 (with tax it was actually $15.65)

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