Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jacob looses a tooth ... or two!

In June the boys were at the dentist for the 6 month check-up, and I asked the dentist about when he was going to lose his first tooth since so many of his friends had already lost several and were getting their adult teeth in.  She told me not to worry ... some kids begin losing their teeth as early as 5 and some as late as 7.

A few weeks later he came home from an evening out with his Gee and Pap to tell me that he had a loose tooth!  Then about a week later we discovered that the tooth right next to it was also loose (These are his two bottom front teeth, btw.  Coincidentally they're also the first two teeth he got as a baby.  I'm fairly certain those are the most common first two teeth to come in and then also to fall out, though).

Fast forward to the first week in August ... Jacob is signed up to attend basketball camp at a local church.  On that Monday morning, August 4th, I am woken up by Jacob ... so excited saying "my tooth fell out!" and sure enough it had.  He was holding it in his hand so proudly!  I took it and put it in a safe place so we could leave it out for the tooth fairy that night.

Then three days later when I went to pick him up from camp in the afternoon ... he had lost his SECOND tooth!

The tooth fairy was working double time that week and she may have gone a little broke, but it was well worth it to see how excited he was the next day. :)

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