Sunday, December 28, 2014

The end of Jacob's *1st* soccer season!!

The beginning of June is when Jacob's very first soccer season wrapped up.  He had so much fun and learned a lot last Spring that he ended up playing again in the Fall.  At this point he's so obsessed, I think he'll be playing soccer for a very long time!

His very last game back in the Spring we had a little party afterward where the kids got to eat and hang out, plus they received their trophies!

John didn't originally sign up to coach, but when help was needed he was eager to be there, and in the end he just ended up being an assistant coach.  In the Fall he signed up to coach his own team!

Jacob was so lucky that his first year playing a team sport and he was playing with a bunch of the kids in his class at school.

We were so proud of our Bubba receiving his first trophy!!  Way to go, Bub!

And, I think he was pretty proud of himself, too.  :)

Prior to the game, I took pictures of all the kids individually to be sent out to the parents and Henry wanted in on the action.  We didn't have a ball, so he just pretended. ;)

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