Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our newest family member!

Meet our newest family member, Charlie!

We were at the DMV one weekend in June and had been talking about getting a new kitty for awhile.  Well the topic came up that day at the DMV, so I hopped on Craigslist to see if I could find anyone giving some away.  I found ONE ad.  In Maryland.  I called and lo and behold .. they had ONE kitten left ... a boy.  Just what we wanted!!  So, when we were done at the DMV, we drove to MD to pick him up.  He was for the boys.  Bella just doesn't care for them, and so they wanted a kitty who would love them and play with them.  Charlie has turned out to be just that!!

Look how tiny he was!!  I miss those days .. he grew SUPER FAST!

Anyway, as I was saying .. he loves the boys!  They toss him around and play pretty rough with him and he totally puts up with it.  If John or myself try to touch him, he flinches .. it's the weirdest thing, but whatever.  We got him for the boys and he is totally in love with them, so mission accomplished!!

Some nights when I go to bed as I'm checking on the boys I notice him tucked in the corner of their bed with a sleepy look on his face ... he looks up at me, lets out the tiniest little "meow" and puts his head back down.  He's in utter relaxation mode when he's with them. :)

Now, Bella, on the other hand, too a really long time to warm up to him.  I'm glad she has finally gotten to the point where they can co-exist, but still to this day sometimes when they're "playing" I wonder if they're truly playing or if HE'S playing and she's mad and fighting him off.  Lol  

But, sometimes, like in this picture, I come home and find them hanging out together or sleeping very close to each other, and then I realize that they get along a lot better then either of them would like to let on.  Lol

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