Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reading Corner ~ Book 4 of 12

It's only March 10th and I'm already one book ahead of schedule! YAY!

This book was just sort of dropped in my lap.  I had never heard of the author before, so I was kind of apprehensive about reading one of her books.  I'll say this much ... it wasn't terrible, but it was definitely a difficult read (for me, anyway) for the fact that it's only 150-something pages.  I'm not sure if I'll be reading any more of her books or not, to be honest, I just wasn't too keen on this one.  But, read the synopsis at the bottom of this post to form your own opinion.  :)

Black Water ~ Joyce Carol Oates


Joyce Carol Oates has taken a shocking story that has become an American myth and, from it, has created a novel of electrifying power and illumination. Kelly Kelleher is an idealistic, twenty-six-year-old “good girl” when she meets the Senator at a Fourth of July party. In a brilliantly woven narrative, we enter her past and her present, her mind and her body as she is fatally attracted to this older man, this hero, this soon-to-be-lover. Kelly becomes the very embodiment of the vulnerable, romantic dreams of bright and brave women, drawn to the power that certain men command—at a party that takes on the quality of a surreal nightmare; in a tragic car ride that we hope against hope will not end as we know it must end. One of the acknowledged masters of American fiction, Joyce Carol Oates has written a bold tour de force that parts the black water to reveal the profoundest depths of human truth.

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