Thursday, March 29, 2012

Skinny Mama: Update!

I haven't posted about this in a few weeks mainly because there hasn't been anything exciting to report.  I hit the dreaded plateau that I seem to hit every couple of weeks and it tends to last for about 2 weeks each time.  But, I'm happy to report that I lost 1.5 lbs this week bringing my total weight lost up to 15 lbs since the end of January.  I really need to go shopping and get a new pair of pants or two because my current ones just hang on me now.  I look like I have no butt and I'm starting to lose my hips.  Well, I guess they're still there, just smaller now.  :)  I'm 5 lbs away from my FIRST goal of 20 lbs, so I'm incredibly excited about that.  I'm hoping by the end of April I will have shed those last 5 lbs, so I can move on to goal number two.

And, this is what my current workout plan looks like (for anyone who might care):

40 minutes of cardio (every other day)
Squats, triceps, biceps and abs (on the alternating day)

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