Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fun on the Farm!

I can't believe I've lived in Herndon for 7 years (almost) and hadn't been to our local farm until last October.  Crazy!  So, one day last October Henry and I met my friend, Dawn, and her littlest guy, Mikey, at Frying Pan Farm for a little fun.  We checked out all the animals (which, btw, we went back this past Spring and saw all the new babies!  That's another post, though ..) and then let the boys play in the little kids' play area that they have.  There are toy tractors they can play on.  So much fun!!

Then, just before we were ready to leave, the boys came across a caterpillar!  So, we had to stop and let them BE boys.  haha  And, of course I snapped a few pictures of this little guy, too. :)

Henry had so much fun that over Spring Break this past year (2014), I took him, Jacob and Scarlett there one afternoon to see all the new babies.  We had a lot of fun then, but I'll write about that later!

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