Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Henry's THIRD Birthday!

I can't believe my baby is THREE!  Three years have gone by so fast, yet so slow too.  A lot has happened to get us here, and yet here we are .. celebrating our littlest one turning three! 

October used to be such a gloriously fabulous month for us, especially after having Henry.  I loved having my Spring baby (Jacob) and my Fall baby (Henry).  It was perfect!  But, then, a year ago my entire world changed when my baby sister died suddenly at the young age of 29 (just two weeks before her 30th birthday).  I was so afraid of this month.  I didn't want it to happen, didn't want it to come.  I wanted to just wipe it off the calendar altogether .. but, how could I?? It's the month my last baby came in to this world!  He doesn't deserve to have his birthday be any less of a celebration then his big brother.  He didn't ask for this, so it's my job as his parent to make sure we still give him the proper birthday celebration.

Henry's birthday fell on a Monday this year (Columbus Day, so Jacob was off from school too), so we went to dinner and did cake presents on Sunday.  The Steelers were playing, so of course everyone got dressed in their Steeler jerseys.  My mom and Rick came over to bring Henry is birthday gift before we went to dinner ... his very own flat screen TV for his bedroom!


After he opened his present, we went to dinner (and I can't for the life of me remember where).  But, first, we took a few family photos.

As we were walking to the car to leave the house I realized my mom and both boys were wearing the exact same jersey! Lol
After dinner we came home for some birthday cake.  This is the part I fell short on last year (well that and I didn't get his present ordered early enough, so it came a few days after his birthday) ... I was just too depressed to do much, so I didn't bother ordering a special cake or baking one myself. :(  Hopefully he will forgive me later on in life.

And, finally a few days after his birthday his present from us showed up .. his very own "bum-bob" chair for in the playroom. :)

Look at my big boy in his very own chair!
Happy birthday, Henry J ... we love you more than words can express!!

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