Sunday, July 27, 2014

Henry Goes Potty!

This little guy FINALLY started going potty on the big boy potty this past January (maybe it was around Christmas, not quite sure, but I know for a fact he was completely daytime potty trained by February, 2014).

We started trying to get him to go last Fall, though, after Jacob started school full time.  I figured since I had his undivided attention and it was just the two of us all day long that I'd go ahead and start.  Well .. he was just not ready or something because he'd pee everywhere BUT the toilet.  We would go for about a week in undies and many accidents before I'd get annoyed and put him back in diapers full time. Then a few weeks later we'd try again, but nada.  This went on for quite awhile.

FINALLY, right after Christmas I said enough was enough, put him in undies and we literally didn't look back.  He got an "Elmo Goes Potty" doll for Christmas, that I truly think helped the situation out greatly.  He put Elmo and Elmo's potty chair in our powder room next to the big potty, so every time he had to go, so did Elmo.  There was a sticker reward chart that came with it, and we did use it for awhile, but eventually he stopped asking and I stopped offering.  Lol  

Another thing that I think helped him out tremendously was being naked.  It gave him the freedom he needed to be able to just walk in the bathroom and go if he needed to without worrying about pulling underwear/pants down in addition.  He was naked for quite some time pretty much from the moment he woke up until the moment he went to bed.  Days and days, weeks and weeks .. people would come by the house and he was NAKED.  Eventually I got him to at least wear UNDERWEAR during the day.  So, he was still pretty naked, but at least there was something on his bum.  Lol.  Keep in mind that it was WINTER out.  And we had a lot of snow last winter, so yeah .. it was cold and he still insisted on being practically naked.

Putting potty training off until he was a little past his third birthday ended up being a very good decision.  He was just ready at that point and it was not really a headache at all.  He was slightly older than Jacob was when he potty trained (Jacob was 2.5), but Henry has always done things a little bit later then Jacob.  I mean, he didn't walk until he was 15 months old after all!  He just likes to take his time and get to it when he gets to it, I guess. And, ya know .. whatever works, right?!  I will say that I was really worried about potty training Henry.  I worried it would be really difficult and frustrating because Jacob was so easy.  I figured I couldn't get that lucky twice.  Well, I was wrong.  I just tried too early with Henry at first.  Once we got the right timing, it was really pretty simple. :)

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