Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Survey

1. Do you ever solicit advise on your love life?
No ... I do tend to solicit parenting advice when it's not been asked for ... I really need to quit doing that, though.  I don't like it when other people do that to me, so I'm sure those I give unsolicited advice to don't really appreciate it.

2. What was the last thing you argued with someone about?
I actually can't remember, but I'm sure whatever it was, it wasn't very important.
3. Who do you hate right now?
I don't HATE anyone, but there are a few people out there that I am not very fond of.
4. Who do you love right now?
My husband, kids, family and friends.  :)
5. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Living in a bigger house, but other than that I'm happy right where I am. :)
6. What is your craziest vice?
I kind of go in spurts.  It used to be couponing, but I've let that go, though I do want to get back into it.  Right now it's probably cleaning/organizing.  I've become OCD about things and now that's all I can think about.
7. How did you celebrate Valentines Day?
We had a late dinner the Saturday before Valentine's Day after the kids were in bed of Chinese takeout and we rented Breaking Dawn: Part 1 on demand.  It was awesome!  The actual day of Valentine's Day, though, kind of sucked.  I was hormonal and took out on my poor husband.  :(  But, the little celebration we had the weekend before was perfect.
8. What is your most unique or fondest memory of a special Valentine's Day?
I don't think there have been any crazy unique Valentine's Days ... but, each year we try to do something together, and it's always really special.  :)
9. Were you in the same location five years ago that you are today? Would you have expected to be?
Nope.  Five years ago we were newlyweds living in Ashburn.  A lot has changed in the past five years.  We've moved twice (in with my parents and then to our current home in Herndon) and had two beautiful baby boys ... can't wait to see what the next five years will bring!

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