Friday, April 27, 2012

18 months!

It's hard to believe my littlest guy is already a year and a half old!  I feel like it was only yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time.

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Now, he's this crazy, active, talkative, funny little man.

For awhile there we were pretty concerned about our little guy.  He was a late walker.  He didn't speak at all until very recently.  He wasn't pointing to much of anything, least of all body parts.  And, he just seemed like he was pretty delayed.  Of course all of this is in comparison to his big brother, and I know you should never compare children, and that all children are different, but I just couldn't help but compare them some.

Now, though, Mr. Henry is walking and RUNNING all over the place.  He's becoming more and  more talkative every day.  His vocabulary consists of: "yes/yeah", "no", "mama", "dada/daddy", "doggy", "that", and most recently today he started saying "key".  Then tonight when we were going over our body parts, he said "nose" for the first time, too.  So, he's up to a eight word vocabulary. 

So far the only body part Henry knows is where the "nose" is.  He normally will only point to it on someone else, but tonight he pointed to his own nose, so that's a little improvement.

His receptive language is great!  If we ask him to bring us something, he can follow the instructions with no problem.

Henry is also a very loving, cuddly little guy.  He loves to give hugs and kisses, and we love getting them!!

Today was his 18 month check-up, so of course I'll have to mention all his stats from the doctor's office!  :)

Weight: 26lbs 10oz (50th% - 75th%)
Height: 33 inches (50th% - 75th%)
Head Circ.: 19 1/4 inches (75th% - 90th%)

She said he was growing just fine and seemed to be meeting all his milestones (which made me let out a huge sigh of relief!), so we won't be heading back to the peds office for Henry until his 2 year WBV.  Oh and the other awesome thing about his check up today was ... NO SHOTS!!

So, now that I'm done rambling ... Happy 18 month birthday, Henry!  Mommy, Daddy and Jacob love you very much! xoxo
Taken 4/27/12: Henry - 18 months

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