Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Survey

I'm just sitting around relaxing this morning in between spurts of cleaning, so I thought I'd take some time to do my Sunday Survey a little early ... hope everyone else is enjoying a nice leisurely Sunday as well!

1. The Beach Boys are back together (everyone alive, Dennis and Carl have passed, including Brian) for the first time in 25 years. It's their 50th Anniversary tour. Their new single is called, “That's Why God made the Radio”. Did radio play a huge part of your growing up years?
Not a huge part, but I definitely listened to it alot.  I remember there used to be a segment on in the evenings called "The Top 9 at 9", I think that's what it was called anyway.  Anyway, I used to listen to that every.single.night.  That was back when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys were big. lol

2. What is something that you are disappointed about right now?
I swear this was a question last week too, and for the second time ... I'm not disappointed about anything.  Can't someone just be happy??? :)

3. What are you really anticipating right now?
Starting my new part-time job this week.  I'm a little nervous and anxious about it, to be honest.

4. When was the last time you watched your favorite movie? What is it?
The day before Easter when we went to see Titanic 3D in the theater.  That and Dirty Dancing are my two all-time favorite movies.

5. If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be?
Most definitely my dad.  I wish we could have more time to make things right between us, and I wish he had the chance to meet his two grandsons (though, I'm a huge believer that he's already played with them and snuggled them while they were still in Heaven.)  :)

6. Who was the last person you hung up on?
Hmm ... it's been awhile, but probably my husband.  lol  We tend to get pissy easily with each other and the first either of us does if we're on the phone is hang up.

7. Does it bother you when meme makers separate questions that could've been combined?
Umm ... no?  haha 

8. What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?
The elephants.  Or monkeys.  I love them both!

9. What is the food you always buy at the grocery store that you can't live without?
Snikiddy Cheddar Fries.  They are the best thing ever!  I buy a huge bag every two weeks at BJs and then sometimes if I run out, I'll go to Giant and buy a smaller bag.  Yum! 

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