Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Footprint Turkeys Anyone??

I'm FINALLY getting to do some art projects with the kids.  This has been what I've been waiting for ever since I became a SAHM.  Specifically, I was waiting for the holidays to roll around, so we could do some pretty awesome crafts.  Now that I'm home all day, we actually have the time to do them.

I found this little gem on Pinterest, and since we actually had all the supplies on hand, we did this one on Monday morning.

Here are all the supplies you'll need, although I will say that I learned a little lesson with this project ... use glue sticks instead of glue. Regardless of whether it's white or clear, it's going to bleed through the paper, especially when your four year old cakes on big, huge globs of it. :)


 We painted the bottom of their feet with the brown paint and then they made footprints on white construction paper. Once the paint dried we glued on googly eyes, and feathers, beaks and gobbler-thingys (what are they called??) that were just cut from colored construction paper (by Jacob). It was pretty simple and a lot of fun! Here is our "art wall" which is just our coat closet door located right inside the front door, so all our visitors will see them as soon as they enter the house. :)


 And, a close up of each ... Jacob's (he even wrote his name on his himself!)  :)

See how the glue bled through the paper ... booo! Must.buy.glue.sticks. 

 And, here's Henry's (I had to improvise on the toes, he scooted his foot around on the paper and it smeared)  :)


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