Monday, January 5, 2015

Awana 2014 - 2015: Sparks

So, over the summer we began going to McLean Bible Church - Tysons over the summer with our friends/neighbors.  Then, said friend, Heidi, told me about an Awana club that her son, JD (who is the one in Jacob's grade at school), attends at one of the other MBC campuses.  So, we signed Jacob up right away!

He's in the Sparks club with other Kindergarten - 2nd grade kids.  Each week he works through his booklet learning new scripture verses, books of the bibles and he even got to choose a missionary one week.  After he finishes a section he earns different awards.  The first two awards were a patch for his vest and then his wings.  Now each time he finishes a section he earns a new jewel that goes in to his wings.  He also gets points each week for attending Sunday School, so it's really important to me that we go.  We kind of fell of the wagon at the end of 2014 due to sports/sleepovers/traveling/holidays/etc., but it's a new year and I'm making every attempt to get us to church every Sunday!

Here's Jacob with his brand new Awana vest and his book he's currently working on.  Because he didn't go to Awana last year (we didn't know about it) he had to start with the very first book this year.  This one is the one that Kindergarten students receive during their first year of Sparks.  We're over halfway done with the book now, though, so as soon as he's finished with it (hopefully by the end of February), he can move on to the next book.  It's red (I forget what it's called) and is what he 1st graders are working on this year.  I have a feeling if we work really hard at it, he can finish all THREE books that Sparkies receive over the three years they're in Sparks, in TWO years. :)

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