Friday, January 2, 2015

Herndon Homecoming Parade

Today was the Herndon Homecoming Parade.  We've only been to one other HHP in the 8 years we've lived in Herndon, and it was when Jacob was just a baby. Lol  This year we, honestly, wouldn't have gone had it not been for Jacob being in Tiger Cubs.  It rained a poured the entire day and was SO COLD!

We had to drop Jacob off on one end of Elden Street and then WALK to the very END of the parade (where everyone was lined up) because the Cub Scouts were at the very back of the parade. :(  I trudged through the rain and finally got him to his spot ... by then Pap was there to take my place and walk with him in the parade, so I could go to the very end of the parade route with my mom, John and Henry.  That's where we watched the parade (at the grand stand).

It was fun getting to see the parade and all the high schoolers and the groups that were in it.  I, of course, have zero connection to any of the high schoolers, but it was cool to see what Bub and Henry will be up to when they get to high school.  I also think it got Jacob's wheels spinning on playing football because he didn't start asking to play until after he had seen the football team in the parade. Lol

I did, however, have a connection to one of the floats in the parade.  Dranesville Elementary had a float!!  Pretty cool!

FINALLY, our Bubba strolls along and we can go home and get out of the freezing cold rain!!  Lol

He looked so cute (I mean ... HANDSOME) in his Tiger Cub shirt. :)

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