Monday, January 12, 2015

My Weight Loss Journey

It's no secret that I've tried (and failed) to lose weight in the past.  I'll lose 20 lbs, get bored with exercising and then gain it all back.  Well, last February we bought an elliptical machine for in the basement and I've been working out several days/week.  I've been in numerous "Biggest Loser" competitions and although I haven't won one yet, I've managed to lose 29 lbs since February 2014!!  I'm pretty proud of that!

I've been making small changes here and there.  For instance, I no longer drink diet soda.  In fact, I don't really drink soda at all anymore.  If I get a really bad headache, it's usually from lack of caffeine and so I'll drink a regular coke then, but for the most part I only drink water now.  I also stopped eating fried foods (most of the time).  My biggest issue is carbs and sugar.  I love me some bread and chocolate!  It's still something I struggle with daily, but I'm hoping to cut those both back tremendously this year, so I can lose 30 more pounds!

This is the only real good "before" picture I have of myself.  It pains me so much to post this, but I need to so you can see where I began, where I am now and then hopefully in a few months, you'll see where I end up.

This was taken in September, 2013:

Then, just less than a year later in August, 2014 at approx. 20 lbs down:

And, on NYE at another 10 lbs down:

I still have a really far way to go to get to my goal weight and what I'd LIKE to look like, but I'm definitely on the right path!

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