Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hector and Joey's Visit ~ Christmas 2014

I mentioned in an earlier post how Hector brought us another elf on Thanksgiving night, and that the boys named him Joey.  Well ... Joey is apparently a naughty elf whereas Hector has always been very well behaved.  The day after Thanksgiving we found them just hanging out in the boys basketball hoops in the playroom.

That's not too bad, but theeeennn ... one morning we woke up and found poor Hector inside a mason jar and Joey just chillin' right next to him!

Crazy!!  When we traveled to Williamsburg at the beginning of December our elves must have called in reinforcement because as soon as we got to the hotel, we discovered Tito (my parents' elf) had made the journey to come check on the boys.

Joey wasn't ALL bad, though.  He and Hector brought the boys a bag of "magic seeds" and a little note that went with them.  It told them to plant the seeds in sugar and then the next morning they'd have a treat.  They were so excited!

But then we found them doing some shenanigans again later on in the month.

Look, I realize the Elf on the Shelf is a "hokie" thing or some say he's creepy looking.  But guess what? It's a fun family tradition we started for our children that will hopefully be passed along to THEIR children one day.  That's the whole point behind the Elf on the Shelf (at least for us).  Not to make our children behave better (LOL!)  cause guess what?? They don't behave any better with Hector and Joey here as they do any other day of the year.  So to all the haters out there, maybe next year you just keep your Elf on the Shelf hating comments to yourself and keep on scrolling when you see pics of them on FB, mmmmmkay?  And, let the rest of us have a little fun with our children and build memories. :)

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