Wednesday, January 7, 2015

November 4th

My little sister's birthday.  Though she has gone home to Heaven, we still celebrate her birthday here on Earth every year.  The first year she was gone, it was only two weeks after she passed that she would have turned 30.  It was on a Sunday AND we just so happened to get the Steeler game that day (something that doesn't happen very often down here), so we had dinner at our house, watched the game and let 30 balloons go up to Heaven.  It was really sweet and I'm sure she loved it.  Funnily enough, half the balloons got stuck in our tree and never really left our yard. Lol  When Spring came around and the tree started to bloom, the balloons fell down in to our yard.

I don't know why, but I cannot for the life of me remember what we did on her 31st birthday.  I wanna say nothing too much (or I'd remember, lol)  We definitely didn't let any more balloons go.  Lol

Then this year, on what would have been her 32nd birthday, we drove out to Leesburg in the evening to let ONE balloon go ... at Ida Lee.  Where it's nice and open.  haha  Jacob ran in to Giant to help me pick out the perfect balloon!

We also picked out some pretty roses for my mama.

We picked my mom up at home (I believe my step-dad was at duty crew, maybe?), and then drove over to Ida Lee to release her balloon.  It was dark and so it was hard to get a good picture, but I got an okay one.

I hope she enjoyed her birthday gift!  (btw, Henry was with us, but he fell asleep in the car and slept through the whole thing, lol)

After Ida Lee we went to a new restaurant in Leesburg, Pittsburgh Rick's!  It seemed totally fitting for the occasion and is the closest we will get to a REAL Primanti Bros sandwich down here!  So yummy!

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