Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Halloween Festivities!

Halloween this year was jam packed with fun stuff going on!!!  Although I will say that we almost missed carving pumpkins because I was just so focused on my own grief over missing my sister all month long.  I snapped out of it (sort of) a few days before Halloween, and went to buy the boys their pumpkins.  Yes, we totally went to the pumpkin patch yet didn't buy their carving pumpkins there.  I got them at Giant for a fraction of the cost of what they charge for them at the pumpkin patch!

Anyway, one evening a few days before Halloween, we set out to carve their pumpkins and John even helped us out this year.  Usually I just do it with them, but now there are two and they're not quite strong enough to physically carve it themselves, so they need a little help from us.  I usually do the cleaning out of the "guts".  That's my favorite job!!  Lol

After they were cleaned out, the boys picked their patterns (coincidentally, I'm pretty sure they chose the same two they chose last year - I have reusable stencils - I'm pretty sure the same boy chose the same pattern, even, lol)  And, no ... we did not cut a 4 and 6 year old loose with giant butcher knives like the picture above shows.  That was staged. :)

And, here are their finished products.  I think we did a pretty good job on these two ... we work well as a team!!

The day of Halloween Jacob's school had an Imagination Parade in the morning.  All the kids and teachers were invited to dress up as a storybook character or something they wanted to be when they grew up.  It was so fun to see all the cool costumes!! Some kids were able to wear their actual Halloween costumes.  While others, like Jacob, couldn't because it couldn't be something with a mask.  What did our little guy go as?? A soccer player, of course. Lol  He wore his uniform from the Fall soccer season.  I'm not sure how he didn't freeze to death that morning because it was soooo cold out!

And, check out his teacher, Mrs. Geyer!  She was Chester the raccoon. :)

That afternoon John's parents and nephew arrived for the weekend!!  It was soooo much fun to go trick-or-treating with the three of them. Check out our trick-or-treaters.

Jacob was the headless horseman.  See why he wasn't able to wear his costume to school? Lol

Henry couldn't decide on a costume, so instead of buying him something this year we let him choose from our bin of costumes/dress-up clothes.  He went with Batman!

Our nephew, Josh, was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Look how cute they were all trick-or-treating together.  I'm so glad they had that opportunity because I'm not sure when they will again.

Happy Halloween (late) everyone!

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