Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fall Teeball Season/Henry's First Sport

During the summer when we were enrolling Jacob in soccer we asked Henry if he'd like to play a sport too.  He was still too young to do soccer, so we decided to try teeball out for him.  I guess it was a good first sport for him, but I don't think he'll be playing in the Spring.  I know the Fall league is a lot more unorganized than the Spring league, but it just didn't seem to be his cup of tea, and I honestly wasn't blown away by it either.

But, check out how cute my little guy is in his when he's practicing and learning the basics,

His first game of the season was cancelled due to rain, so the two coaches coordinated a make-up game.  He ended up playing later that week on the same day as he usually had practice at the practice field.

I think, for the fact that he was the youngest child on his team and their ages ranged from 3 - 7, he did really well and learned quite a bit, though!

Oh and check out his number ... numero uno!

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