Friday, January 27, 2012

15 Months

Today was Henry's 15 month WBV. Here are his stats:

Height: 30.5 inches (50th%)
Weight: 24lbs 8oz (50th%)
Head Circ: 19.25 inches (90th%)

He also received three shots today. :( That's definitely my least favorite part of the WBVs. Poor little guy was running a low grade fever and so incredibly sad at bedtime. I rubbed his little arms, but it just made him cry. :(

I was told by one of the nurses today that he should be off his bottle by now, but that's just kind of too bad ... my baby, my decision. :) I don't buy that it's bad for their teeth and it's his comfort. He's still a baby for crying out loud. No way am I taking that away from him. I already made the decision to let him naturally wean from nursing and bottles (he weaned from nursing last month), and I'm not changing my mind.

The doctor was a bit concerned with his lack of speaking (he has a three word vocabulary) and thinks he should be evaluated in a month if he's not speaking more, but I, again, am just not that worried. He's 15 months old. He's already proving that he does things on his own terms and in his own time, so I really just think he's not ready to speak a lot yet. Jacob was close to two before his vocabulary ever increased from four words. So, I really feel that if by the time he's 18-24 months he's not speaking more, then I'll worry about it.
The other thing we were told to keep an eye on and bring him back if he doesn't start advancing soon was his following simple commands (like, bringing me his shoes) and knowing where/pointing to his body party. Again, I'm just not going to worry about this yet, either. I know Jacob was older than 15 months before he was doing either of these, and I was paying closer attention to him tonight ... he CAN follow simple instructions .... if he chooses to. He doesn't know his body parts yet, but he pays attention when we talk about them, so he'll get it sooner rather than later, I'm sure.
I guess the bottom line is ... always follow your mommy instinct first! That's what I do, anyway. :)


It's hard to believe my *baby* is already 15 months old.  Where does the time go?  It feels like only yesterday that we were welcoming him into our family!


Now, our big man is cruising all over the place!  He recently started walking unassisted and he's taking more and more steps every day.  I'd imagine that a month from now he'll be walking all over the place with no help whatsoever.

He's also waving "bye-bye" to us and giving "high-fives".  Oh, and he recently starting giving kisses!!  It's so adorable!

I'm also thinking our little guy is going to be a lefty when he grows up.  :)  This makes John happy as he's a lefty.  It's still too early to tell, but when he picks up a crayon or eating utensil, he'll pick it up with his right hand, but then switch it to his left and hold it the correct way.  If he holds it with his right hand, he can only hold it between the thumb and index finger with it pointing toward the ground.  I kind of think it'd be cool to have one righty (Jacob's a righty) and one lefty out of our kids!

Happy 15 Month Birthday, Henry!!  You are so loved!


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