Friday, January 20, 2012

Date Night!

If I could give one piece of advice to parents who are about to go from one child to two, it would be to try to schedule some one-on-one time with each of your children.  They'll love having that one-on-one time and so will you, I promise!!

Last night I was supposed to have an impromptu date night with Jacob, but when we picked him up from daycare he wasn't feeling well, so he went home with Daddy to rest, and I had a date with my littlest man instead.  :)  This was the *first* date Henry and I have ever had, and it was so much fun!

We went to Walmart to pick up a few items, and then to dinner at Friendlys.  He was a hit flirting with the waitress, and talking to all the staff members.  Too cute!  I also was able to give him a lot of undivided attention and it was almost like I was seeing him in a whole new light.  He's doing things and comprehending so much more than I knew!  He'd hand me a crayon and push the coloring sheet over to me trying to tell me he wanted me to color with him.  So ... we did!  I'm also thinking he's going to be a lefty.  Jacob has always shown that he was going to be a righty, and he is, or at least I'm fairly certain he will be once he starts writing.  He colors with his right hand now.  Anyway, back to Henry ... he picks crayons up with both hands, but with his left hand he can hold it like you would hold a pencil.  With his right hand he holds it between his thumb and fore finger and it just points straight down.  It's pretty obvious his left hand is the more dominant of the two.  I think it'll be kind of cool having one righty child and one lefty! 

After dinner we went to where I get my hair done because I needed a trim.  My mom and step-dad met us there.  As my mom was getting her hair trimmed first, I chased Henry up and down the halls.  He was so cute about it!  He'd take off down the hall and then halfway down he'd stop and turn around and wave to me to continue chasing him.  It was so sweet!

As much as I was sad to not have my date night with Jacob, I was very thankful for my date with Henry!  I'm planning to still fit in Jacob's date this Sunday when I go shopping with my mom.  He'll enjoy getting to go with me for that one, I'm sure!  And, I don't have a picture of Henry from our date, but here is a recent one of his from last weekend.  :)


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